The organ in the church of Ansgar in Langenhorn is the only preserved instrument in a church, planned by the Hamburg poet and organ builder Hans Henny Jahnn.

Eckdaten Orgel


Location: Ev.-luth. Ansgar-Kirche
Langenhorner Chaussee 266
22415 Hamburg
Builder: Furtwängler Hammer / Hans Henny Jahnn
Year of construction: 1931
Number of pipes: 2.638
Number of stops: 35
Setting: 3 Manuale und Pedal

It was built by the builders Furtwängler and Hammer from Hannover respectively in 1931 and in 2008. Until today the pipe works of this organ are original. It has been only once extensively restored in 2008 by the company Jehmlich Orgelbau Dresden. The instrument is the first large organ built with mechanical action after the “pneumatic era” in organ building.

Sound samples