Heinrich-Hertz School

Inaugurated in 1931 by Karl Kemper from Lübeck, the organ in Auditorium of Heinrich-Hertz School belongs to an important preserved instrument designed by a writer and an organ builder, Hans-Henny Jahnn.

Eckdaten Orgel

Organ in Heinrich-Hertz School

Location: Heinrich-Hertz-Schule 
Grasweg 72–76
22303 Hamburg
Builder: Karl Kemper & Sohn (Lübeck)
Year of construction: 1926–31
Number of pipes: ca. 1.450
Number of stops: 38 (22 klingende Stimmen)
Setting: 3 Manuale und Pedal

Prominent are the unusual disposition and the original color design of façade. Jahnn divided the 24 stops into feminine and masculine. He claimed the male stops to be of strength and acuity, and the female stops to be abundance. With a sophisticated classification of the stops and individual divisions they could be switched between the group of stops. The organ was restored from 1989 to 1991 by G. Christian Lobback.



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Rose Kirn an der Hanns-Henny-Jahnn-Orgel