Hasse Aula

Im Dornröschenschlaf

The Hasse Auditorium of Rudolf Steiner School in Hamburg-Bergedorf, which was completed in 1912, has an organ on the stage.

Eckdaten Orgel

Organ in Hasse-Aula

Location: Rudolf-Steiner-Schule
Am Brink 7
21029 Hamburg
Builder: Ernst Röver (Hausneindorf)
Year of construction: 1909
Number of stops: 10
Setting: 1 Manual und Pedal

The instrument is presumed to be built in 1909 by an organ builder Ernst Röver, who was based in Hausneindorf from 1884 to 1923. In the years 1952/53, the original, late-Romantic disposition had largely been lost. As part of the forthcoming, historic renovation of the Hasse Auditorium, the organ is also to be thoroughly renovated.

Sound samples