Musicological Institute of the University of Hamburg

The organ was built in 1895 as opus 736 of the company E.F. Walcker & Cie. (Ludwigsburg) for the newly established teacher’s seminar.

Eckdaten Orgel

Organ in the Musicological Institute of the University of Hamburg

Location: Universität Hamburg
Neue Rabenstraße 13, Großer Hörsaal
20354 Hamburg
Builder: Eberhard Friedrich Walcker & Cie. (Ludwigsburg), op. 738
Year of construction: 1895
Number of stops: 14
Setting: 2 Manuale und Pedal

When the building was demolished, this late romantic organ managed to survive. The organ builder Klaus Becker built it again mostly true to the original in the area of former cafeteria to the teacher’s seminar – today’s Great Hall of the Musicology Institute of University of Hamburg. The organ remains unchanged in its tonal as well as technical manner. Therefore, it is very special in its value.


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