St. Marien-Dom

Newly built in 1967 and refurbished in 2008, this organ is considered to be one of the most representative instruments of Rudolf von Beckerath, the Hamburg organ builder.

Eckdaten Orgel

Organ of St. Marien-Dom

Location: St. Marien-Dom
Am Mariendom 1
20099 Hamburg
Builder: Rudolf v. Beckerath
Year of construction: 1967/2008
Number of stops: 65
Setting: 4 Manuale und Pedal

It is a resounding example of neo-baroque organ building after 1950. The façade takes up the design principles of the traditional Hamburg façade. With its tone color the organ leans towards baroque role models. In the course of an extensive cathedral renovation in 2008, the organ was completely reconditioned – including a complete new four-manual console – and expanded with a swellable backboard (Hinterwerk) and two new 32’ pedal stops reaching 65 stops in total.

Sound samples