St. Johannis-Kirche Altona

After the old organ was completely destroyed by a fire in 1994, the church of St. Johannis decided to install an instrument that had never been available previously in the northern German organ world:

Eckdaten Orgel

Organ of St. Johannis-Kirche in Altona

Location: St. Johannis – Kulturkirche Altona 
Bei der Johanniskirche 22
22767 Hamburg 
Builder: Orgelbau Kuhn, Schweiz
Year of construction: 1998
Number of pipes: 2.896
Number of stops: 48
Setting: 3 Manuale und Pedal

an organ of the Swiss company Kuhn, inspired by the symphonic tonality of French style based on Aristide Cavaillé-Colls (1811-1899), one of the leading organ builders of the Romantic era. The instrument was completed in 1998. And until today it is a great enrichment for Hamburg and surroundings.

Text: Fernando Swiech 

Sound samples