St. Pankratius-Kirche Ochsenwerder

The report of the organ built in 1708 by Arp Schnitger was written by the organ expert Vincent Lübeck.

Eckdaten Orgel

Organ of St. Pankratius-Kirche Ochsenwerder

Location: St. Pankratius-Kirche Ochsenwerder
Alter Kirchdeich 8
21037 Hamburg
Builder: Arp Schnitger
Year of construction: 1707/1708
Number of pipes: 1.724
Number of stops: 24
Setting: 2 Manuale und Pedal

The organ possesses 30 stops with 2 manuals and pedal. Altered in its sound quality by Wolfsteller in 1811, Rother made conversion into pneumatic cone chest in 1911. In 1966, the organ was again renewed based on the Schnitger organ by Rudolf von Beckerath. 5 of the 24 stops, the façade pipes in Great manual and pedal, as well as the façade with elaborate carvings are still the remains of Schnitger.

Text: Hilger Kespohl / Uta Leber

Photo: Orgelstadt Hamburg e.V. – Photographer: Alexander Voss
Photo: Orgelstadt Hamburg e.V. – Photographer: Alexander Voss

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